The Best Fish and Chips in North Cyprus

With a large British Expatriate community in North Cyprus, there's a big market for all things British. The vast majority of Bars, Pubs and Restaurants therefore, include many typically British dishes in their Menus.

Some Shops, Bars and Restaurants in North Cyprus have been serving Fish and Chips for many years and have established reliable supply chains for the key ingredients meaning that they are able to offer consistently high quality.

A few Bars and Restaurants have made Friday night Fish and Chips a weekly feature and have built up a clientele who regularly attend to enjoy their Fish and Chips.

Competition within the sector is fierce and Bars, or Restaurants that are packed with customers enjoying Fish and Chips, is not something that goes unnoticed by competitors. Unsurprisingly therefore, Fish and Chips are served by many/most Restaurants, some of whom, include mushy peas and pickled onions on the side.

There are also a few dedicated shops offering traditionally cooked Fish and Chips, but unlike the UK, where you may see a long queue at the Fish and Chip shop at certain times of day and/or night, the Fish and Chip shops in North Cyprus don't seem to be busier at certain times - you can visit at any time and expect to be served promptly, but don't expect to see a local Fish and Chip Shop staying open 'til midnight (after the Pubs close) because it doesn't happen. If you want to eat Fish and Chips in North Cyprus, opening times vary, but 12 Noon 'til 8pm seems to be standard practice. It seems that the eating habits of British Expatriates living in North Cyprus don't match those of UK Residents.

If you particularly enjoy eating a good portion of Fish and Chips and have discovered what you believe to be the best 'plaice', please give them a shout out in the comments section below.
Which 'plaice' is best ?
Original Post: July 12th - 11:12am
I have eaten at many places and always been left feeling that eating Fish and Chips in North Cyprus is a compromise of taste and experience, or both. Admittedly, I have had some absolutely beautiful pieces of Fish and I have had perfectly cut and cooked chips. Some of the Mushy Peas that I have been served have surpassed the quality produced by my local Chippy in Doncaster, but I haven't yet found the 'plaice' that serves me with all three on the same plate, but it won't deter me from trying to find somewhere that will !
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The Best Fish and Chips in North Cyprus

Cypriot potatoes make perfect chips ! No argument there, but can the fish that is used in the Fish and Chip Shops and Restaurants in North Cyprus be the same quality as it is in the UK, for example ?

Much of the Cod and Haddock that is served in the UK is caught and frozen at sea, the vast majority comes from the Arctic Seas around Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and Russia. To guarantee that the fish retains its taste and nutrients, it is caught, processed and flash frozen within a couple of hours. This fish can then be stored and distributed far and wide without suffering any adverse effects.

Frozen Cod is imported into North Cyprus, much in the same way as many other kinds of frozen food are imported. Cod is the most popular type of fish used in the Fish and Chip Shops and Restaurants in North Cyprus.

Sourcing the correct ingredients is equally as important as good cooking and presentation and there are several Restaurants who have had many years of experience serving Fish and Chips in North Cyprus. Several Restaurants have dedicated Fish and Chip Nights which are well attended by the local British Expatriate community.

If you have found a 'Plaice' that serves the perfect portion of Fish and Chips, many visitors to North Cyprus will be interested to hear your opinion. Please leave a comment below.
Lightly Battered Cod ?
Original Post: July 1st - 04:15pm
Tried a few places, but not yet found the place that is able to lightly batter my fish. I don't see quality as being a problem generally, but I do like my fish to be lightly battered. Can anyone recommend a place that has been able to do this for them ? Even better, is there a Bar, or Restaurant owner who knows that they can ? If so, leave your name here and I will visit to test your expertise.
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