The Best Doner Kebab in North Cyprus

You may prefer the perfectly roasted spicy meat filling of your Doner Kebab to be wrapped in Lavash Bread, or packed into a Pitta Pocket and served with, or without Salad and Hot Sauce, or Chillies. Whatever your personal preference may be, tell us and be sure to mention the name of the Restaurant, Cafe, or Takeaway that you believe to be the best.

The title of this page is the "Best" Kebab in North Cyprus. Please therefore, restrict yourself to positive comments and only include polite, constructive criticism, if absolutely necessary.
Kup Kebab (opposite Lemar in Karakum)
Original Post: June 14th - 12:22pm
We've used this Takeaway/Eatery many times and always been satisfied. Tasty Kebab meat in Lavash Bread (which we prefer) accompanied by the usual selection of salad, green chillis and Hot Sauce and always with a bumper side order of freshly cooked chips (not frozen). Absolutely no complaints except that we visited recently, following the Lockdown and felt that the place was looking a little tired and needed a spruce up.
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The Best Doner Kebab in North Cyprus

Doner Kebabs served in North Cyprus are slightly different to their 'British' counterparts and visitors from the UK who enjoy a 'British' style Doner Kebab may be surprised to hear that they are not exactly the same as the Doner Kebabs that are served in North Cyprus.

There are quite a few Turkish Cypriot Restaurant and Kebab Shop owners who owned and operated Restaurants and Kebab Shops in the UK, but decided to return to North Cyprus and continue to ply their trade. As a consequence, many Restaurant and Kebab Shop owners in North Cyprus know and understand what British visitors expect. Problem is, British visitors to North Cyprus only represent a small part of the total market and therefore, Doner Kebabs in North Cyprus are styled to suit local tastes. UK Visitors expecting to buy a Pitta Bread, packed solid with meat and salad and drenched in Garlic Sauce at 11pm at night are going to be disappointed, but more refined consumers who enjoy a healthier version of the Doner Kebab, served between the hours of 11am and 8pm will be spoilt for choice.

We're not exactly sure what a late night Doner Kebab costs in the UK (someone may be able to help here) but the majority of British visitors seem surprised by what they perceive to be the relatively inexpensive Doner Kebabs in North Cyprus.
Alesta's Kebab (near Lemar in Karakum)
Original Post: June 20th - 08:22pm
We've tried many places, but we always seem to return to Alesta's Kebab in Karakum. We're not big eaters (one meal between us is plenty) and Alesta doesn't mind that we share. He doesn't make us feel awkward like some places do. We like to sit and enjoy our meal outside which is well shaded from the Sun. Good quality and reasonably priced !
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