The Best curry in North Cyprus

Twenty years ago in North Cyprus, there were few Restaurants serving Indian style curry and associated delicacies (hereinafter referred to as 'Curry Restaurants') in fact, there was only one main Curry Restaurant in North Cyprus. There was no competition and limited choice.

Today, there are fifteen Curry Restaurants along the Girne coastline alone. There are a number of reasons for the exponential increase in the amount of Curry Restaurants in North Cyprus.

One reason is that there has been relatively strong demand for 'Indian' food (as it is affectionately known in the UK). This demand has been driven primarily by the British Expatriate community in North Cyprus, but in saying this, brisk demand from the local Turkish Cypriot community should also be acknowledged. It seems that the local Turkish Cypriot community are nearly as enthusiastic for 'Indian' food as the British.

A cynic may say, in attracting customers to some of the newer Curry Restaurants in North Cyprus, that some of them attach more importance to the popularity of the entertainer that they engage to appear, than they do to any of the other attributes that determine whether, or not, their customers enjoy a 'good' meal - thankfully, with notable exceptions, the majority do a reasonable job and according to their returning customers, serve enjoyable 'Indian' food.

A number of attributes collaborate to determine whether, or not, you enjoy your meal. Some of these attributes are particular to Spicy and/or Curried food ('Indian').

To guarantee that you enjoy your meal (your dining experience), a Curry Restaurant should make sure that they meet/exceed the standard required to satisfy their customer's expectations and requirements.

To guarantee impartiality, which Curry Restaurant serves the Best Curry in North Cyprus will be determined by the opinion of independent Readers who can freely post their opinion(s) and reasoned argument(s) in the "Comments" section (below).
Kamares Restaurant - Edremit
Original Post: July 1st - 06:45pm
Having dined at many of the Indian Restaurants in North Cyprus, it was a number of years before we discovered the Kamares Restaurant in Edremit. On our first visit, we were surprised to see quite a few people who we knew and several of our friends, who betweeen them had managed to keep the Kamares Restaurant a closely guarded secret - we're still amazed that it never came up in conversation with our friends.

Convenient parking at the front. The Kamares is spacious and airy. The Restaurant is very clean, as are the toilets. There is inside and outside seating, heating, fans and air conditioning - it is comfortable year round. Get to know the Waiters and you'll receive service with a smile. A reasonable tip the first time, guarantees attentive service on the second visit - fact of life !

The Food:
The Kamares serves the Best Curry in North Cyprus (in our opinion). Consistently delicious Chicken Tikka, Bombay Potatoes, Peshwari Naan Bread, Tikka Masalla Sauce (Medium), Balti Sauce (Hot) and fresh, crisp Side Salad.
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The Best Curry in North Cyprus

What does a Restaurant have to do to guarantee customer satisfaction ?

Offer a wide choice of Dishes:
Satisfaction for some may depend upon whether, or not, their favourite Starter, Main Course, or Side Order is included in the Menu. For example, a Menu without a Chicken Tikka Starter, Mixed Tandoori Main Course, Bombay Aloo, or Naan Bread may not satisfy everyone's requirements. The Restaurant should make sure that they include the majority of popular dishes and/or curry flavours in their Menu.

A Variety of Taste:
When ordering a dish that is accompanied by a Curry Sauce, the customer is usually offered a choice of three - Mild, Medium, or Hot. To play safe, the majority of customers order "Medium", but many customers prefer the hotter side of Mild, or the hotter side of Medium, but they do not have the confidence to order a Sauce that may be too Mild, or even worse, too Hot. A Restaurant should dedicate a section of their menu to explaining their policy and offer six options instead of three (Mild, Mild to Medium, Medium, Medium to Hot, Hot, XXX). Most customers prefer evenly balanced spiciness with a bit of a kick, over raw heat. The Restaurant should provide you with enough information to help you to make the choice that suits your palate.

Double check Curry Sauce Consistency:
Thick and too dry, or too watery. Neither are usually acceptable.

Check for Freshness:
Rubbery Poppadoms, Spongy Onion Bahji, Clumpy Rice and Wilted Lettuce are all bad signs and a root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Nicely presented food looks mouth-wateringly appetizing. Here's where, with a little care and attention, a Restaurant can score free plus points. Paying attention to detail is a sign that the Restaurant is being professionally administered.

Speed of Service:
Bottled Water, Drinks Order, Poppadoms/Appetizer - all within 5 minutes of sit-down. Order taken within 15 minutes. Starters brought to Table within 30 minutes. Allowances have to be made if a Restaurant is very busy, but there's no excuse for the Waiter not warning you to expect a slight delay and/or not glancing over to the table every 5 minutes to check if you want anything.

Cleanliness and Hygiene:
Table Cloth, Cutlery, Napkins, Stainless Steel Dishes, Salt and Pepper Pots. Shouldn't have to mention the floor under and around the Table, or the Toilets (a problem here, is a big problem)

Friendly, Presentable Staff:
Waiters/Waitresses should be Smiley, Happy people who reply when spoken to, but not be too familiar. They should be attentive and quick on their feet.

Reasonable Price and Value for Money:
Nothing else to say on this, the title says it all.

Portion Size:
Not too small, not too big. Empty plates, give slightly more. Food leftover, give slightly less. A pet hate of many customers is getting a small portion of Rice, Curry Sauce, Bread etc. - asking for more and then waiting to receive it and when you do, the rest of the food has gone cold.
The Kamares Indian Restaurant in Edremit
Original Post: July 1st - 04:15pm
The Best Curry in North Cyprus.
We have had many meals at the Kamares Restaurant and we have always been very satisfied with the service and the quality of the Food. A conversation about the succulent and very tasty (perfectly cooked) Chiken Tikka was the catalyst that led us to decide to return a second time. The fact that the meal on the second visit was exactly the same as the meal on our initial visit, was the reason that we returned again on numerous occasions. Confidence in their ability to repeatedly produce consistently high quality at a very reasonable price is the reason, we guess, that so many others that we have talked to during our repeated visits to the Restaurant, are also returning customers.
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